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Feature Flags for Everyone

Many services are just too expensive. Self-hosting is an option, but that can get expensive, too. Vexilla allows publishing flags as a static file wherever you want.

What can feature flags do for you and your users?

Many popular applications use feature flags to roll out and test new functionality without having to redeploy the app and its assets. Learn more about why feature flags are so useful in our documentation or Wikipedia.


Configure your settings

Using the app create your environments and features.


Import a client

Choose the client library that applies to your backend.


Wrap your feature

Using the client library in your frontend and/or backend, write if statements that decide what to do.



You now have a feature flag. Wire it up to analytics and you basically have A/B testing.


Besides just the things that feaure flags themselves offer, Vexilla allows you to do more with less.

Open Source

Consume, contribute, or fork it. Vexilla is something you can take with you and improve or adapt to whatever situation you need.

Static Hosting

The feature flag configuration is statically hosted which saves you money and effort. It just scales.


Many of the existing solutions require you to buy into and understand complicated documentation. Other Open source tools require you to stand up servers and deal with all of the headache that entails.

There isn't that much to learn, but you still want to have a firm grasp on the capabilities. Read the docs!

We have compiled a comprehensive collection of documentation and FAQs that can help you get up and running with the least amount of effort.