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Feature Flags for Everyone

Many services are just too expensive. Self-hosting is an option, but that can get expensive, too. Vexilla allows publishing flags as a static file wherever you want.

What are feature flags?

Many popular applications use feature flags to roll out and test new functionality without having to redeploy the app and its assets. Learn more about why feature flags are so useful in our documentation or Wikipedia.

Why Vexilla?

Besides just the things that feature flags themselves offer, Vexilla allows you to do more with less. Here is what separates us from other feature flag tools.

Statically Hosted

The feature flag configuration is statically hosted which saves you money, effort, and time. Minimum effort scalability.

Git Native

Your flags and config live in a git repository you control. This allows for auditability without the need for a server. GitOps by default.

First-party SDKs

Vexilla boasts the largest number of first-party SDKs for the languages you use on the frontend and backend. Less custom integrations.

Open Source

Consume, contribute, or fork it. Vexilla is something you can take with you and improve or adapt to whatever situation you need.


Many of the existing solutions require you to buy into and understand complicated documentation. Other Open source tools require you to stand up servers.


Our services team can help you integrate Vexilla into your Enterprise applications and infrastructure. We can help you create custom functionality, deploy processes, and more. Reach out via email and our team will be in touch shortly.

How It Works


Configure your settings

Using the app create your environments and features.


Import a client

Choose the client library that applies to your backend.


Wrap your feature

Using the client library in your frontend and/or backend, write if statements that decide what to do.



You now have a feature flag. Wire it up to analytics and you basically have A/B testing.


We work hard on our docs. You can find info about the core concepts and features as well as comprehensive guides to help you integrate Vexilla into your projects.

Main Documentation

You can find the majority of our documentation in one easy and convenient place. If you feel there is something missing, we would love to hear about it and improve it.


Check out some of the guides and recipes. We provide step by step instructions to help you make Vexilla fit your exact use case.

Have questions or need help?

Our Discord server is a great place to reach out with questions or ask for help. It is also a great way to meet the rest of the community and core team. It's completely free, so why wait?


Would you like to help contribute? Check out some of the open Issues on GitHub.

Need help? Check out our Discord. Enterprise or Open Source? Reach out directly on our Services page.